Welcome to Pointe West!

Upon arrival, remember to visit the Front Desk at the Beach Club. You will learn about our beautiful property, where things are, how things work, and a brief overview of important rules and regulations which will enhance your stay with us. Here you will also receive your wristbands which are stamped with the current gate code. This gate code will permit you entrance to our amenities. All visitors and owners must wear a visible current wristband to gain entrance to our facilities.

Club Rules and Regulations

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Wristband Fee

The Property Owners Association of Pointe West has instituted a wristband fee applicable to all guests beginning on January 1st of 2015.

  • Off Season – October 1st to February 28th; Beach Club wristbands will be free for non-owners staying in our community.
  • During Peak Season – March 1 through September 30; Beach Club wristbands will be $12.00 per person for all non-owners aged 4 and over.

Other details included but are not limited to:

  1. If a wristband is lost,  there is a $25.00 replacement fee per wristband.
  2. The number of bands issued will be based on the occupancy. The occupancy is 3 times the number of bedrooms in your rental property. Ex – 3 bedroom will be able to purchase 9 wristbands.
  3. Guests (not staying on property and just coming down for the day) of guest (staying on property) may request a day pass for $25.00 per day. Day passes will only be available if pool occupancy can accommodate on requested day and will be managed with paper, single day dated wrist bands.
  4. Guests or friends of owners can only use the facilities free of charge when accompanied by the owner and at a number of guests within the owner’s occupancy. Otherwise, they will be charged the appropriate wristband fees.
  5. Wristband fees will be charged for all non-owners from the age 4 and up.